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Morgan Wallen One Night At A Time Tour: Mini Review and Set List Milwaukee 4/14/23

I don’t know about everyone else but for me, music gives me life, and I enjoy experiences that allow me to hang out with my family, especially my kids, and the older they get, the more they appreciate the love of music and going to concerts.

With that said there is no better experience to have for a concert goer than to experience a concert at American Family Field in Milwaukee, WI. Honestly how often do you get to do the whole tailgate experience for a concert?

Parking lot opened at 2:30PM, doors opened at 4:00PM and concert started at 5:30. Morgan Wallen couldn’t have got more lucky with the weather in Milwaukee to kick off the US part of his tour that weekend. It was unseasonably warm and it was a magical evening of pre summer fun. Opening acts were good, started with Bailey Zimmerman, then Ernest followed by Hardy. Morgan Wallen came on at approximately 9:00PM after about a 30/40 minute break between him and Hardy. He was on for about 2 hours and brought Ernest out for Flower Shops and then brought a Brewers jersey wearing Hardy out for He Went to Jared. Morgan Wallen also came out for an encore wearing a Brewer jersey! Read on for his complete set list which was slightly different from his over seas shows, including his encore.

Set List:

  1. Up Down

  2. I Wrote The Book

  3. One Thing At A Time

  4. Everything I Love

  5. You Proof

  6. Aint That Some

  7. Keith Whitley

  8. Chasing You

  9. Sunrise

  10. Dying Man

  11. Still Going Down

  12. Sand In My Boots

  13. Cover Me Up

  14. Devil Dont Know

  15. Thought You Should Know

  16. Flower Shops (Ernest came out for this one!)

  17. He Went To Jared (Hardy came out wearing a Milwaukee Brewers jersey!)

  18. Thinking Bout Me

  19. Whiskey Friends

  20. This Bar

  21. Wasted On You

  22. More Than My Hometown

  23. The Way I Talk


24. Heartless

25. Last Night

26. Whiskey Glasses

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